Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday May 1st

So far this week, we’ve continued learning about and using our digital cameras, have reviewed our photography from the last two weeks, and have done some pretty amazing writing. I’ve posted a few of the stories the kids wrote below, and more can be found on our flickr site.

We’ve also started to learn more about refugees, specifically children refugees. We saw some videos posted by the organization Nine Million. They are an organization that provides child refugees sporting equipment, in an effort to make the lives of those kids who live in camps a little bit better. We’re pretty excited about what we can do to help out these refugee’s we are learning about, and are brainstorming different ways we can get involved to make a difference!

Today the Orange Group – 5th graders- did a really great job shooting pictures of the school. I encouraged them to really make an effort to just shoot over and over and over - the benefit of digital photography is that you can just delete the not so great ones! They are getting really good at experimenting with different angles and thinking about composition. I posted a few photos here, but more are up on our Flickr site!

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