Thursday, November 04, 2010

Día de los Muertos

Our students have been working on some really cool Day of the Dead projects this past week. This is one of our favorite themes - a great springboard to teach students about cultures, symbolism, cycles in nature, Mexican and Aztec history, etc.

Students at work

Students are cutting their own papel picado, and learned about graphic designer Jose Posada and his drawings in Mexico 100 years back that influenced much of the Día de los Muertos imagery we see today.

Drawing calveras

They are creating their own calveras, putting their own personal cultural spins on them. So far, we’ve seen a few with ipods, one with a helmet to represent skateboarding, a student who is into drawing who gave his pencils for teeth, another student of Japanese heritage gave his the rice hat that is grandfather wears.

Day of the Dead projects

Watch for more photos as the students begin to complete their projects!

Day of the Dead projects

Day of the Dead projects

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